Page Overview: 40 Years of the BMW Driving Experience

40 Years of the BMW Driving Experience.


The decision to make knowledge about correct vehicle handling and driving in critical situations available to all motorists, and to teach drivers how to identify dangers in traffic in good time, was made by the BMW Board back in 1976. 22 April 1977 saw the official start of the first BMW Training events in Manching, organised and managed by BMW Motorsport GmbH. With a starting attendance of 15 participants aged between 22 and 45, these training sessions were not only an immediate success, but also one of the first driver training programmes ever offered by a car manufacturer. The aim of them, both then and today, to create an ideal balance between perfect cars and equally perfect driving skills – ‘to raise the performance of the unity of man and machine to a new level’, as could be read in similar words in the first training reports. Not purely on the grounds of teaching safe driving skills: even at the beginning, the wish was to combine experience gathered in motorsports with the excitement and joy of driving at the limit.

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