BMW and MINI Driving Experience



The BMW and MINI Driving Experience is part of BMW M GmbH. As one of the first providers of driver training courses, it has been thrilling its customers with driving experiences in BMW Group vehicles since 1977. The BMW and MINI Driving Experience currently offers training courses in more than 30 countries, all led by professional instructors and featuring vehicles from BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad. Despite the global restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, over 70,000 participants attended the Driving Experience courses held at a variety of international venues in 2020.

Under the slogan “Passion leaves traces”, the BMW and MINI Driving Experience plays an important role in improving driving safety on public roads, while at the same time conveying the joy of driving for which BMW is renowned. The BMW and MINI Driving Experience fulfils its social responsibility with its driver safety courses on asphalt and snow, which give the customers all the basics they need to drive safely and competently.

Beyond the regular training courses on offer, the BMW and MINI Driving Experience also places great importance on meeting individual customer desires. A team specialising in corporate events and incentives works closely with the customer to put together packages tailored specifically to the customer’s requirements.