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A former airport near Maisach, about 30 kilometres west of Munich, has been home to the Driving Academy since September 2012. The location, where military and subsequently civil aircraft took off in the past, is now home to one of the largest road-safety training sites in Southern Germany – the ultimate in driver training for passionate petrol heads over a total area of 130 hectares. This is where both experienced drivers and novices learn how it feels to have total control of a car in extreme and dangerous situations.

As well as numerous regular training courses, the Driving Academy also offers beginner drivers from the local area around Maisach the opportunity on several occasions each year to take part in a free driver safety course – as a progression after driving school. The Driving Academy is much more than just a training ground. It is simultaneously a completely unusual and first-class location. Just the right thing for active driving incentives – with employees, customers or business partners. 

Based on the Meet & Drive concept, the Driving Experience team plans, organises and realises workshops, training sessions, seminars and meetings – completely in line with your individual requirements. Discover the area and its many opportunities for corporate groups, agencies and private individuals.


As well as driving pleasure and safety, another topic also enjoys top priority at the Driving Academy: sustainability. The entire site is a nature reserve, in which rich and unique flora and fauna have established themselves. This is something the BMW Group would obviously like to preserve, and is committed to doing so. BMW Group adheres strictly to the requirements of the Bavarian ministry of the environment when maintaining the premises and with regard to wildlife conservation.



From driver safety course …

Whether someone who has recently passed their driving test or a passionate drifter – our wide range of driver safety courses means we have the right course for every need. They ensure safety and confidence behind the wheel. In the latest range of BMW and MINI vehicles, you learn all you need to know to master everyday traffic. Meanwhile, the drift courses are tailor-made for more advanced drivers looking for a special adrenalin kick. We also offer a range of attractive driver safety courses for professional drivers and motorcyclists.


… to individual driving experience.

Whether you are looking for an individual training course or an extraordinary event for your employees, customers or business partners: the BMW and MINI Customised Experience guarantees you a driving experience tailored perfectly to your needs. For example, you can combine a seminar or workshop with a special driving course for your guests. Or hone your driving skills on a personal training course. Whatever you have in mind, let our incentive team inspire and advise you on a personal basis. We can adapt to suit your needs.


Driving Academy Maisach

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Circuits, long straight, slalom areas, irrigated dynamic area, irrigated circles, off-road parcours: the huge site of the Driving Academy in Maisach has the right training area for every requirement.


Safety Training Maisach

Experiences that bring people together.

Thanks to the large site in Maisach, it was no problem to design a 1.8-kilometre circuit, on which participants, particularly those on the safety courses, can practice accelerating, braking and cornering. The circuit allows evasive manoeuvres at higher speeds of up to 100 km/h. This gives participants an opportunity to gain mastery of vehicles under realistic conditions. Fast lane changes and slaloming take place on the ample slalom course inside the circuit.

BMW M Drift Training

It’s going to be a slippery ride.

The four irrigated sections of track, each between 150 and 200 metres in length, are ideally suited to giving participants a feeling of just how a slippery surface can affect the way a car behaves. Braking, steering and evading can all be practiced in these areas. At speeds of up to 100 km/h, the experiences are very similar to those encountered in genuine everyday traffic. This helps participants to identify, overcome or avoid completely any critical situations in the future.

BMW M After Work Training

Your personal drift show.

The dynamic area consists of three irrigated circuits with a diameter of 42 metres. This stretch of track allows certain aspects of vehicle control to be taught. An irrigation system on the circular areas allows us to simulate the change in handling which takes place on a wet surface. Understeer, oversteer and drifts are challenges that demand the utmost concentration from drivers. As it is not possible to practice this kind of critical situation in everyday traffic, the experience of knowing how a car behaves in extreme situations plays a major role in a driver’s confidence and his ability to cope with such circumstances.

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