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Close friendships take time. A day out with the latest MINI models is a great place to start. With the Starter Pack, you‘ll spend an entire day practicing the basics of safe driving – this means everything from the best seating position for safe handling to skilful evasive manoeuvres. The legendary joy of driving a MINI is highlighted by a special MINI contest and the opportunity to try your hand at high-speed handbrake turns and controlled powerslides.

For participants aged between 18 and 25, the Starter Pack is naturally also available at special conditions. When booking the MINI Starter Pack as a Young-participant, please enter the discount code „MINI Starter Pack Young“ in the comment box. The training price for Young-participants is €295.


  • Theory of driving dynamics
  • Practical driving  exercises
  • Catering
  • Insurance
  • Small souvenir 


1 day / max. 10 participants per group (2 participants per car)

Training vehicle: the MINI John Cooper Works.

Concentrated power with motorsport genes. MINI John Cooper Works models are designed for pure performance, whilst still featuring that iconic design. This is as MINI as it gets. Experience for yourself just what it is capable of – just don’t try telling us afterwards that you don’t know what we’re talking about ... this powerhouse is the real deal.

Fuel consumption in l/100 km (combined): 6.3 [5.7]*
CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 147 [133]*

*the figures in brackets refer to the car with efficiency class C. Fuel consumption is determined according to the ECE driving cycle.

Training venue: the BMW and MINI Driving Academy.

A former airport near Maisach, about 30 kilometres west of Munich, has been home to the Driving Academy since September 2012. The location, where military and subsequently civil aircraft took off in the past, is now home to one of the largest road-safety training sites in Southern Germany – the ultimate in driver training for passionate petrol heads over a total area of 130 hectares. This is where both experienced drivers and novices learn how it feels to have total control of a car in extreme and dangerous situations. 


This awaits you.