Travel the world with the BMW Driving Experience.

Experience eight or eleven days of pure adventure in one of Africa’s most fascinating countries. Travel in a BMW X5 where surfaced roads come to an end. On the gravel track and between the sand dunes you will leave everyday routine behind you and acquire a whole new perspective on the world as the miles pass by.
Namibia - a country of countless contrasts
Namibia - a country of countless contrasts

Route information

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8-day tour:

  • Length: approx. 1,300 km
  • Route: Paths through the Otjihavera Mountains north of Windhoek; gravel tracks from Windhoek through Kuiseb Canyon and the Namib Naukluft Park to the coast at Walfish Bay; beach and sand dunes of the northern Namib Desert; over salt and travel tracks and dried river beds into the Erongo Mountains; over the sand, rubble and rocks of the Erongo Mountains; country road back to Windhoek.



  • Length: approx. 2,800 km
  • Route: A drive through the unique Etosha National Park, incl. wildlife watching; spectacular scenery from Windhoek to the Namib Desert; Sossusvlei, a wonder of nature and the world’s highest sand dunes; an unforgettable driving adventure on the remote tracks of Damaraland to the Atlantic seaboard; Touring the area, over debris and gravel tracks, along dune belts and dried up river beds.