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BMW driving pleasure knows no bounds – provided you are on top of the situation at hand. The BMW Driving Experience ensures you in shape and ready: for quick-fire lane changes and any surprise that may await you around the next corner. Check out the latest range of BMW and MINI vehicles and put them to the test in rapid braking and steering manoeuvres. Or get a kick on the racetrack and discover your own personal adrenalin limit. Learn to drive more safely on a day-to-day basis, push yourself to the limit on the track, or prepare in earnest for the winter: BMW M GmbH offers driver training courses for beginners, racing drivers, and anyone wishing to get the most out of every drop of fuel. Whatever your goal, the BMW Driving Experience courses are always guaranteed to offer one thing: sheer driving pleasure.

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Use our Training Finder to select the course that suits you and your requirements. In many areas, you have the opportunity to attend several courses, some of which follow on from each other, in order to further improve your skills and thus increase the fun factor. Who knows, maybe a snow course will leave you hungry for more and encourage you to book an adventure on the icy lakes of Sweden. Or could a drifting course inspire you to take on the challenge of a real bona fide racetrack? The extensive range of BMW Driving Experience courses means there is something for everyone.

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