Learn how to handle your motorbike in extreme situations.

A motorbike is only as good as its rider. Whether safety-conscious or sporty, our BMW Riding Experience is the right place for anyone wanting to combine adrenaline and ability on two wheels. We have something for everyone.

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The BMW Riding Experience, with its BMW Motorrad Compact Training and BMW Motorrad Advanced Training courses, is primarily aimed at young riders and those needing a refresher course, who can fine-tune their riding abilities either on their own two wheels or on bikes provided by BMW. The BMW Motorrad Compact Training course gets beginners off to a safe start on two wheels. Correct weight transfer, steering movements, steering impulse and braking techniques ensure you are ready to react confidently and competently at critical moments whilst travelling at city speeds. The focus of the BMW Motorrad Advanced Training is on perfecting your riding style. Intensive training on various cornering techniques, swerving and slaloming, as well as tips on how to stay alert, give you the necessary confidence and safety awareness to enjoy sheer riding pleasure on your own bike.