Offer your employees and customers something unique.

Whether you are looking for an individual training course or an extraordinary event for your staff, customers or business partners: the BMW and MINI Customised Experience is on hand with a range of tailored driving experiences. An individual Personal Coaching session guarantees driving pleasure and safety with a personal touch. The incentives on offer at the BMW and MINI Customised Experience are ideal for establishing closer contacts with your employees, customers and business partners.

Personal Coaching

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BMW and MINI Customised Experience makes personal preferences a top priority. This applies particularly to our Personal Coaching program. This means you experience driving fun and safety with a very personal touch - entirely geared towards your very own needs and preferences. Whether you want a BMW instructor who is there for you personally or simply have a specific idea of what the training course should include: we will be pleased to address your wishes and provide detailed consultation. After all, we aspire not only to satisfy you but rather to exceed your expectations.


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Nothing bonds people more than a shared experience. From a BMW Driving Experience training course to an exclusive adventure trip in Africa - BMW and MINI Customised Experience has incentives to offer which are perfectly geared towards your needs and goals. Whenever you wish to allow staff, business partners or customers to share a fascinating experience: the combination of training courses with the latest BMW models and an individually tailored program of activities is entirely unique and promises to provide you with unforgettable moments which will be fondly remembered by all participants for a long time to come.