Get ready for your job.

Whether businessmen, politicians or VIPs: passengers rely on their chauffeur’s expertise and their special driving skills on a day-to-day basis. The four BMW Training for Professionals courses help you extend these skills.

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Working through a number of different levels, you perfect your handling of the vehicle, your knowledge of tactics and your understanding of the physics of driving. After all, if your profession requires you to take responsibility for the personal safety and well-being of other people, you will require a special kind of preparation. BMW Training for Professionals gives you the right expertise to be able to fulfill the high demands of your profession in every situation.

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Our professional instructors will always be at your side. Together with you they will ensure that your passengers can rely on your masterful driving skills even in difficult conditions and will feel confident in your hands. After all, being able to react perfectly under pressure is what makes an expert.